So you want some dub-plates... our one-off beauties?!?

Here's the deal...

You will get dubs that are cut loud and sound fat... and, unlike traditional dub-plates (Acetates), our dubs last as long as standard vinyl.

We refer to them as 'everlast dubs', and they can be scratched, spun, flexed, used and abused just like normal vinyl.

The cutting studio uses a custom lathe designed and built in the UK, so just send us your audio, by mail or over the net, as an AIFF, WAV, WAVPACK, OGG or MP3.

Here's the damage.

size    one side    two side    time allowed per side

 7"        $60           $82             4min30

 10"       $65          $90             5min30

 12"       $95          $125            7min30

prices include all tax and delivery to major cities.

turnaround time is approx one week.

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